Trivia / Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

  • Actor Allusion: Akihiko Hirata played another eyepatch-wearing character in 1954, but is a tragic hero in that film. Here, he's a villain.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: For a while, the only DVD release for this movie from Sony Entertainment was out of print. Fortunately, to coincide with the release of the 2014 remake of the original Gojira, Kraken Releasing have re-released Ebirah and two other Showa Godzilla movies on Blu-Ray and DVD.
    • The now "rejected" Titan dub is only available on VHS releases.
  • The Other Darrin: Mothra's fairies, originally played by the Peanuts, have been replaced by the Pair Bambi.
  • Playing Against Type: Akihiko Hirata as the evil Captain Ryuui
  • Prop Recycling : The Giant Condor puppet started life as a Rodan puppet which went through modifications in the show "Ultra Q" Litra and Larguras. It's also Hilariousin Hindsight as when the puppet was Litra it fought the monster Gomess who was created from the '64 Godzilla suit. The '64 Godzilla was later reused again as Jirass in "Ultraman" with the head of the Godzilla suit from this film.
  • What Could Have Been: King Kong was originally going to be the star monster of the film and was going to be the one that fought Ebirah and Mothra. However, tension arose between Toho and Rankin-Bass over the direction of the film until Rankin-Bass finally quit the project, taking the rights to Kong with them. As a result, Godzilla was used instead. To add onto the Mythos, Nearly all of Kong's mannerisms and role was recycled into Godzilla in the film.