Trivia: Deep Purple

  • Author Existence Failure: Narrowly averted by Mark IV's guitarist Tommy Bolin; he died after Mark IV, and by extension the band (until 1984 at least), disbanded. Played straight by Jon Lord on July 16, 2012.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Anyone's Daughter", while not exactly a hit, was nonetheless disavowed by the band as a stupid, immature novelty song.
  • Creator Backlash: Ritchie Blackmore disliked "When A Blind Man Cries".
    • Blackmore was also displeased with how Fireball turned out, claiming that the album was rushed out too early. Gillan, however, claims it's one of his favorites.
    • Most of the band don't have favorable views on Come Taste the Band and The House of Blue Light.
  • Creator Breakdown: See Meaningful Name in the main section. Besides that, Mark IV, where Tommy Bolin's drug problems finally made the band's life unbearable enough for Lord and Paice (the two remaining original members at that point) to decide to disband.
  • Fan Nickname: Mark <insert Roman numeral>; the current incarnation of the band is considered to be Mark VIII. Also, Man in Black for Ritchie Blackmore, due to his name and his preference for darker clothing.
  • Name's the Same: No, bassist Glenn Hughes of Marks III and IV isn't one of the Village People. And the album Stormbringer may not be related to Michael Moorcock's work, or at least David Coverdale claims.
  • What Could Have Been: Joe Satriani was asked to fill in for Ritchie Blackmore after he left the band for good in the middle of a tour. The band asked him to formally join, but contractual obligations prevented him from doing so.