Funny / Deep Purple

Of all the "Big Three", Deep Purple was the only one with a functioning sense of humour, and with nearly fifty years in the band, there are bound to be some of these floating about.
  • This is epecially evident on Fireball. The band may dislike "Anyone's Daughter", but it's still pretty hilarious. "No One Came" is a rueful, funny song about the trap of fame and success, and it also rocks.
  • Mark VIII is basically made of these. One of the finest moments comes from the recent Rapid Fire question & answer session promoting Infinite. They were supposed to answer in one-word answers, which everyone does...except Steve Morse, who manages to ramble about the topics at hand.
    • He also gets a good moment of snark in when the band is asked if each of them can play Smoke on the Water on guitar.
    Steve Morse: Apparently not! *laughing*
    • Roger Glover also admits to skipping queues because he's a rock star.
  • Another moment comes from this 2003 interview in Brazil with the full band. Football comes up, at which point the band (and the Brazilian interviewer!) get to ribbing Steve for being the Token American who calls football 'soccer'. Then Don Airey, who up until then had been sitting wordlessly between the two Ians, spoke up with the history of the word. Turns out it's actually British!
    Interviewer: (while Don is talking) God, he knows everything about football!
  • this video from backstage at Wembley features some entertaining backstage antics.
  • this video from Access All Areas, which features Ian Paice talking about pre-show rituals with Don giggling in the foreground. If the rant doesn't get you, Don's giggle-snorts will.
    Paicey: Especially Don, who's USELESS SOBER!
    Don: Laughing harder
    • A cut to Don in an interview afterwards reveals that both members of the band named Ian are walking CMO Fs, in Don's opinion.
  • Some of "Days May Come and Days May Go" conversation in-between songs counts
    David: Nicky... Anybody... Drinky...
    Nicky Bell: Could I have another scotch and, uh, a tall scotch and, uh, a lotta ice? A real tall one. Bring me a coupla 'em. Beat. Pretty please?
  • Glenn introducing “This Time Around/Owed To G" from the "Anyone For Tennis" bootleg.
    Glenn: “We’re gonna do a song for you featuring Patsy Collins… Patsy Collins and Paddy Callaghan… It’s called “Don’t Give Me No Monkey.” Glenn laughs. A song featuring Ossy Hoppe called “Was Ist Lass,” a crack. Glenn continues to laugh And a song featuring me called “I’m Not Insane.”
    Jon plays a “cuckoo” tune on his organ
    Glenn: And Cooksey and Tommy Bolin, understandable. Beat. Okay we’re going to do two new songs off the new album. First song is called “This Time Around” and the second time is called “Chasing Mr. Chase.”
    Faint audience laughter
    Glenn: Anywho he’s always got a quarter on him, y’know what I mean? It’s called “Owed to G” this one’s called “This Time Around.”
  • Another Mark VIII example: A recent interview with Don Airey, Ian Paice and Roger Glover is practically made of these.
    • Paicey at one point gets talking for a rather long period of time, and his bandmates do not let him go on it.
    Roger: He's practicing for Shakespeare.
    Paicey: No respect whatsoever.
    Don (continuing on): Made glorious by the summer of my—
    • Later, the three get talking about what it's like getting older. They then talk about all the benefits of being older, from bus passes to younger guys buying them drinks in the pub because they're rock stars
    • After which time Paicey gets talking for a long time *again*
    Don: *fake snoring* Oh, sorry! Been listening to this all morning!
    *Roger and Paicey laugh*
    Roger: I'm aging in front of your very eyes!
    • The interviewer finally attempts to get things back on track. Don interrupts her by shouting "don't look at [Paicey], you'll encourage it!", cuing another round of laughter from his bandmates (and likely from the audience)
  • David Coverdale was arrested for public profanities in Australia. Why? He was told he couldn't say "the f-word" onstage, so instead of using "the f-word," he used every other curse he knew. It reached its peak when David got the audience to chant "fuck".