Trivia: Deep Impact

  • But I Play One on TV: Morgan Freeman reported that during a press conference for the movie, many of the reporters called him "Mr. President".
  • Dueling Movies: Set against Armageddon, a considerably more action-packed movie with nearly twice the budget. They were released the same summer, and both did well at the box office, probably because they took such different approaches to the material that they barely qualified as "dueling". The President's speech originally included the line "There will be no Armageddeon," but it was taken out as test audiences laughed during the line.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Science Marches On: When the film was made, scientists believed that a large tsunami would suck back the ocean water, thus briefly looking like an unusually low tide, before the cresting wave crashed over everything. This is shown in the movie when Tea Leoni is killed. However, at the time the movie was made, an actual tsunami had never been filmed. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, which was filmed, showed that no such sudden retreat of water is observed. Instead there is a steady inrush of water, which looks more like the old name for a tsunami—"tidal wave".
  • Throw It In: The scene at the assembly were the kid tells Leo that now that he's famous, he'll get lots of sex, was improvised by the actor.
    • Morgan Freeman choose to roll up his sleeves during on of his speeches. The director kept it in because she thought it gave him an "everyman" look.
  • What Could Have Been: Producer Steven Spielberg expressed interest in directing early on.
  • Filming the highway scene was a rather brilliantly handled puzzle. Each truck you see in the scene actually held bathrooms or a food stand. A radio transmitter was brought in and all the cars were told to tune into a specific station for direction - that's how everyone was coordinated.