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YMMV: Deep Purple
  • Awesome Music: Check the links on the main page.
  • Broken Base: On the issue of Which Mark is the Best, though Mark II is the most popular.
  • Covered Up: Wait, you mean "Hush" isn't originally by Deep Purple?
  • Ear Worm
  • Epic Riff: A lot, but "Smoke on the Water" is the most famous example.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: A strange case. Even though the band never enjoyed more than modest popularity in the US, Mark I was more popular there to the point where UK fans thought they were American, to the point where they earned 10 times as much on a US gig compared to a UK gig. Today the band is more popular among European audiences, especially in countries formerly of the Warsaw Pact.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The wolf howls at the beginning of "Hush" are pretty damn creepy.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Steve Morse, if you're a Ritchie Blackmore fan. Also Tommy Bolin when Blackmore left the first time.
    • But Bolin was a great guitarist. He could've gone pretty far if he hadn't suffered Author Existence Failure.
    • David Coverdale , Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner for Ian Gillan fans.
    • And also Ian Gillan if you are a Rod Evans fan.
    • The infamous 'Bogus Deep Purple' lineup of 1980. And how.
  • Sequel Displacement: In general the band is most famous from their Mark II era, compared to the more Psychedelic Rock-flavored Mark I.
  • Tear Jerker: "Anthem" from Book Of Taliesyn, "Child In Time" (well....the song part of it) from In Rock, "Contact Lost" from Bananascontext 
    • "When a Blind Man Cries."

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