Trivia / Chris Benoit

  • Promoted Fanboy: The physical similarities between Benoit and his childhood idol, The Dynamite Kid, are eerie. Benoit even performed moves like him, most infamously his snap suplex.
    • He would briefly seem to be on both ends of this trope, as soon afterward Davey Richards wore tights instead of trunks, cut his hair and adopted a more technical style, complete with similar moves. However, apparently it was actually Dynamite Kid (thus bypassing Benoit) that Richards was modeled after.
  • Romance on the Set: While it's true that Saturn, Malenko and the fourth member of The Radicalz Eddie Guerrero were unhappy in WCW, Benoit had his own reasons for leaving: WCW booker Kevin Sullivan. Brad Siegal lobbied hard to keep The Radicalz from defecting, but Sullivan was vocal that WCW would be better off without them. And so it went. Oddly, Sullivanís initial response to one of his wrestlers railing his wife was to put Chris over.
    • To this day Sullivan maintains he never had any hard feelings for Chris stealing his wife from him, and that he had immense respect for his talents. Sullivan putting Benoit over was just him doing what any fair booker would do.
    • Sullivan said that burying anyone (including Benoit) would not be smart for business. He specifically said "Why would I shit where I eat?" Meaning he wouldn't bury Benoit because it would cost him (Sullivan) money.
  • What Could Have Been: One has to wonder if WWE would be willing to exploit his death ala Eddie Guerrero had he died under other circumstances.
    • Had he not no-showed Night of Champions, he would have wrestled CM Punk for the first time.
  • Wrestler Existence Failure: Benoit's no-showing Vengeance: Night of Champions 2007.