Trivia: Chris Benoit

  • Promoted Fanboy: The physical similarities between Benoit and his childhood idol, The Dynamite Kid, are eerie. Benoit even performed moves like him, most infamously his snap suplex.
    • He would briefly seem to be on both ends of this trope, as soon afterward Davey Richards wore tights instead of trunks, cut his hair and adopted a more technical style, complete with similar moves. However, apparently it was actually Dynamite Kid (thus bypassing Benoit) that Richards was modeled after.
  • What Could Have Been: One has to wonder if WWE would be willing to exploit his death ala Eddie Guerrero had he died under other circumstances.
    • Had he not no-showed Night of Champions, he would have wrestled CM Punk for the first time.
  • Wrestler Existence Failure: Benoit's no-showing Vengeance: Night of Champions 2007.