Trivia / Chowder

  • Absentee Actor: "The Apprentice Scouts" has the distinction of being the only episode Mung doesn't appear in.
    • Mung and Truffles's absence is lampshaded in "A Faire to Remember", then subverted as he does appear just before the episode ends.
    • Parodied in one episode when Truffles pops up out of nowhere asking if she can help solve a problem, Chowder's response below causes her disappear into a poof:
    Chowder: No. You're not in this episode.
  • Creator Cameo: The series's creator voices Chowder in the last bits of the final episode.
  • The Danza: Paul Reubens as Reuben.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with Chowder. Nicky Jones was 9 when he first voiced the character.
  • Fan Nickname: Gorgonzola has a handful of nicknames. "Gorgy" being the most popular.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show only has the first 10 episodes released. However, if you have Netflix, iTunes, or Play Station Network, you don't have to worry, since all three seasons are available for viewing.
  • One of Us: The animators must be big gamers. See Shout-Out.
    • C. H. Greenblatt himself, who maintains a very sizable blog about the show and other works. He has openly confessed to being a gamer in it as well.
  • The Other Darrin: Shnitzel was played by Kevin Michael Richardson in the pilot episode before John DiMaggio replaced him.
    • Chestnut was originally voiced by Tone Lōc in his first three appearances. His replacement was also John DiMaggio.
    • In the Mexican dub, Gazpacho's voice actor was replaced by his son after the original voice actor died from complications from diabetes.
  • Screwed by the Network: During the first season, the airing of new episodes was frequently delayed, and later new half-hour "episodes" would be just a new episode paired with a rerun (similar to how the newer shows Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go!, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Regular Show air new episodes on their "New Thursdays" block).
  • What Could Have Been: One idea floating around was to have Mung falsely accused of a crime, then get together with some old friends voiced by Dirk Benedict and Mister T to prove his innocence.
    • Originally Panini, who was named Borlotti, had pointed ears and an outfit in which only her face was visible. Her original character concept had her bully Chowder in a manner described by Greenblatt as similar to Angelica Pickles from Rugrats. Greenblatt removed the pointy ears since he felt this did not fit in with the rounded shapes in Chowder. Greenblatt did not like characters similar to Angelica and believed that he needed to make Panini "cuter and sweeter." Greenblatt said that the details of Panini formed when the creator decided that Panini had a crush on Chowder; since Chowder is not old enough to fall in love with females, according to Greenblatt this aspect would frustrate Chowder "in a more fun way."
    • Greenblatt's blog includes a couple of episode outlines that were canned for one reason or another. One was a western parody where Chowder and the other kids fight against bath time which couldn't get to air before the end of the show. Another was the story of how Truffles got her mushroom hat as a young girl, including some insight into her species, but was rejected for being "too girly".