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Trivia: Chowder
  • Alpha Bitch: Panini (originally called Borlotti) was supposed to be one of these, constantly mocking and lording her superior cooking skills over Chowder, and serving as a source of smug pride for Endive. Whether or not she had a crush on Chowder in this form is unknown. Also, she had pointed, cat-like ears and sharper features.
  • The Danza: Paul Reubens as Reuben.
  • Fan Nickname: Gorgonzola has a handful of nicknames. "Gorgy" being the most popular.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Gazpacho is voiced by Dana Snyder, most famous as the voice of none other than Master Shake, as well as Todd, though Gazpacho seems to have carried over the mother issues from Todd. It can be quite jarring to hear that voice in a kid's show. Of course, it also makes it about 400 times funnier, since Gazpacho is a Cloud Cuckoolander just like Shake, and you could imagine either character saying quite a few of the same lines.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only the first 10 episodes were ever released to DVD, thankfully the Entire series is on iTunes and the Playstation Network. Netflix has also acquired the first 20 episodes making the first season.
  • The Other Darrin: Shnitzel was played by Kevin Michael Richardson in the pilot episode before John DiMaggio replaced him.
    • Chestnut was originally voiced by Tone Lōc in his first three appearances. His replacement was also John DiMaggio.
    • In the Mexican dub, Gazpacho's voice actor was replaced by his son after the original voice actor died from complications from diabetes.
  • Screwed by the Network: During the first season, the airing of new episodes was frequently delayed, and recent new "episodes" are just one 15-minute segment where the other is a rerun (or a previous new episode).
    • And, depending on the time of day and your native country, how the CN logo often didn't actually show up in the correct corner during the "Don't write there!" gag until a permanent one was drawn into the episode.

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