Fridge / Chowder

Fridge Brilliance
  • In one episode, Truffles mentions that she has fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is an illness that, among other things, is characterized by chronic pain. No wonder she's so cranky.
  • In "The Moldy Touch", Mung tells Chowder that he once let Fungol use him because he wanted to impress his cooking master. Then in "Won Ton Bombs" we find out that his cooking master had deemed him a "failure for life" when he was young. No wonder Mung wanted to impress him - he was trying to redeem himself for his failure.
  • Have you always wondered why Chowder avoids Panini? It's because both her and chowder are around 7-10 years old. That's too young to have a relationship like Panini wants.
  • Notice that Gumbo and Mung Daal scream in disgust when introduced to the Baby Minotaur in "Deadly Maze". It is possible that this is because the Baby Minotaur is an entirely CGI character, and a CGI character in an entirely 2D animated universe, Marzipan in this case, is entirely out of place. Not to mention that the Baby Minotaur looks like something from the Uncanny Valley.
Fridge Horror
  • The finale: Chowder wastes his entire childhood holding a single note and is completely oblivious to the world around him for 20 years.
    • Since younger Chowder showed up at the end, horrified by what he saw, this might have changed history.
    • In "Chowder's Babysitter" Gazpacho thinks he kills Chowder. Now two things made me think;
      • A) Gazpacho tries to flush Chowder down Madame Endive's toilet as they broke their toilet. When they get flushed, they land in the fountain outside her building. Her waste lands up in the fountain IN FRONT OF HER BUILDING.
      • B) Gazpacho makes Chowder sign a waiver saying he wasn't responisble for his death. Funny enough, but at the end he sounds like he "killed" many other children before. Add in the contract and the possible Norman Bates interpretation and you get one really creepy friend of Chowder's.
    • Speaking of Gazpacho, no one has ever seen his mother, but he spends most of his time talking about her, and how she puts him down. His mother may be dead, and he constantly talks about her as his only means of remembering her and coping her loss, he even dressed as his mother at one point, not unlike Norman Bates from Psycho.
      • Actually, we do see her once, in the episode "Gazpacho!", but she is only seen from the back and the view is somewhat blurry.
      • However, after it's revealed that Gazpacho's mother might be just him in drag, the things he says about her now range from just awkward to downright disturbing.
  • If Mung hadn't stopped Atlas from eating the Burple Nurples than it would have destroyed Marzipan.
  • In the episode "Grubble Gum", Chowder chews a piece of grubble gum and hears a faint screaming, but brushes it off. Towards the end of the episode, a giant ball of grubble gum consumes everyone in Marzipan, which is then unwittingly consumed by yet another Chowder. The citizens of Marzipan have been locked in a time loop which ends in them being chewed and, given their size compared to Chowder, more than likely digested whole and alive.