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Awesome: Chowder
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The Veggie Guru's song from The Garden.
    • The song the beans sing from The Sing Beans.
  • Mung and Chowder enduring Endive's torture for the mood fruit. They just would not break.
  • After wanting to join a prestigious old lady club for the entire episode, the leader of which always calls her "Waffles" .When the others screw it all up through a series of coincidences, and the club insults them so hard it actually makes Mung cry, this is what Truffles has to say
    " You know what, you can take your ugly old hat and give it to some other ugly old woman that wants to be in your ugly old club. But if I ever hear you say anything mean again about my husband or his cooking, so help me, I will hunt you down, rip your arms off, and poke you with them till you cry for mercy! NOW GET OUT! AND BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS TRUFFLES!!!!"

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