Nightmare Fuel / Chowder

Chowder's not only cooking up food, but also nightmares.

  • The episode "Cream Puff Hands" where Chowder accidentally gets his hand puffed till it's bigger than his own body and while Mung and Shnitzel try and fix the machine chowder goes around town and helps everybody which he starts enjoying but soon he becomes mad with power and decides to make it bigger to the point where he starts to cause chaos and when Mung tries to stop him Chowder makes a really monstrous look on his face and says in a really creepy high-pitched voice "I WANT TO HELP THE WORLD!" Thank god Mung stopped him before he causes even more world-ending chaos!
  • Chowder's Nightmare Face From "The Moldy Touch"
    Mold: "You've just made it a million times better."
    Chowder: "A Million times!?"
    Mold: "You wanna go for a billion?"
    Chowder: "YEEEEEEEEAH!!!"
  • Ms. Endive when she has her Ax-Crazy moments. Most noticeable is in the episode "Shnitzel Quits" when she almost eats him!
    Skeleton: Please help me...
  • In "The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin", when Chowder gets confused when Mung is explaining the recipe, a bunch of images flash. Some youtubers slowed down the clip to see the images, and some are a bit creepy. Like, not scary, but an eerie feel. There's also a picture a youtuber put out that was a bit scary when you thought about it, and the audio backwards is just weird. Look at it here:
  • In the episode where Gazpacho thinks he's accidentally killed Chowder, he makes a dummy made out of meat that looks like him. He panics wondering if Mung and Truffles would find out that Chowder is [not] dead, and then the dummy speaks to Gazpacho: "Oh, They'll Notice."
  • The Lollipop Man in "Broken Part" turning from jolly to psychotic when Chowder doesn't have enough money to buy a pair of feet for Mung's feetza machine.
    Lollipop Man: 23....SKIDOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    • Hell, he was terrifying BEFORE he got angry!
  • That dancing Minotaur from the episode "The Deadly Maze".
    • Also, that face Chowder makes at the beginning of said episode. Those eyes
  • Gazpacho in "The Spookiest House In Marzipan" The way he scares the kids is sickening.
  • Gazpacho's Sanity Slippage in "Banned from the Stand" goes so far he starts babbling incoherently while stamping everything in sight.
  • There is also the time where Chowder gets possessed by an old dry turkey, or "Flurkey" as they call it and have to go through a literal hell to try and get Chowder exorcized.
  • "Thrice Cream Man" is pretty tame for the most part, but gets terrifying during the second half of the episode; it starts off with Chowder's Nightmare Sequence where an Art Shift occurs and Chowder is haunted by Thrice Cream cones and Thrice Cream Man (ending with Chowder about to be eaten from a Thrice Cream cone by a giant version of himself), followed by Thrice Cream Man standing right beside his bed while Chowder moans in pain, and then finally culminating in Thrice Cream Man getting angry when Chowder refuses to eat any more scoop-in-mouth Thrice Cream and then forcing Chowder to eat it. What Thrice Cream Man says right after - complete with an enraged tone of voice - only makes the ongoing atmosphere even worse.
    Thrice Cream Man: Chowder eat scoop-in-mouth FOREVER!