Heartwarming / Chowder

  • "Shnitzel Quits": Mung is trying to convince Shnitzel to return to his catering business, promising him things like more days off and big raises, when Chowder offers him a mold-filled cup. The mold-filled cup is actually pudding cup—according to Chowder, the pudding cup was the very first dish that he and Shnitzel ever made together, and that he had saved it because it means a lot to him. Shnitzel's obviously grossed out by the cup, but touched enough by the fact that Chowder had saved it all that time to actually eat the whole thing (he then bloats up and becomes violently ill afterward, but it's the thought that counts, right?).
  • The ending of "Hey, Hey, it's Knishmas" is definitely enough to bring a tear to someone's eye. Particularly the part where Gorgonzola cries because of how nice Chowder is and the part where Chowder actually kisses Panini!
  • The end of "The Toots" had Chowder and Mung each eating a Tootin' Fruit and flying through the clouds.
  • The end of "Mung On The Rocks" is the most romantic thing ever, showcasing that, despite their fights, Mung and Truffles definitely love each other.
  • "Chowder's Babysitter" had a rather heartwarming opening given how it ended up. Given that Chowder was so excited to see that it was Gazpatcho as his baby sitter, it was kinda cute seeing him that excited for something that mundane.
  • In general, the relationship between Chowder and Mung. Chowder really looks up to and loves the guy very much. And Mung, despite all the grief Chowder gives him, really loves and cares about him, sometimes forgetting that Chowder isn't even his real son.
  • Schnitzel's part in the theme song is a surprise example. After years of hearing him sing "Radda radda radda radda radda radda" and being frustrated, fans learned through the sing-along that it translates to "you share a big piece with everyone". The theme song is basically a sappy tune about sharing.
  • "The Bruised Bluenana" is about to end with Panini crying, so Chowder gives her a hug (before running away).
  • "Chowder Grows Up." The finale explains everyone's happy endings. Mung and Truffles get to retire on the beach, Shnitzel and Endive end up together, Gazpacho lives his dream of being a comedian/fruit vendor, Gorgonzola happily rivals Chowder, and Chowder grows up to be a mentor to young Scraps and marries Panini, having 50 kids. It's a sweet ending about growing up to help others.