Trivia / Chick Busters

  • Fan Nickname: "Chick Busters" was originally this as they joked about it on Twitter (naming themselves after the similar tag team The Dude Bustersnote ) before it eventually became official and acknowledged on TV. AJ's is also "Geek Goddess".
  • One of Us:
    • Both of them, but especially AJ. Apart from initially being billed as a "Geek Goddess" that loved video games and comic books when she was on NXT, she's established her nerd cred by once dressing up as Kitana for a Divas' Halloween Battle Royale and attempted an Upraise (Kitana's hold in place didn't work). Not only that, but the WWE Superstars have a video game tournament before every Wrestlemania competing in the latest iteration of the company's video game series. AJ won the most recent one.
    • You should check out her twitter. It's full of witty gems such as these:
    On an unrelated note, I am deliriously tired and have spent my morning googling animal pictures.
    Every time I eat chips whilst standing in between an open fridge door, my dog looks at me with eyes that scream "This is why you're single."
  • The Pete Best: Kaitlyn was a last minute replacement for Vickie Guerrero's first NXT Rookie Aloisia but she ended up winning the contest. Despite that she lost more matches and contests than AJ and the runner-up, Naomi (who was clearly the better competitor than them both).
  • Promoted Fanboy: AJ. There's even video footage of her waiting in line for tickets to WrestleMania XX and [1] of her meeting Lita. Taken even further when she became the new Raw GM. Something she stated when she was removed from power that this was the only thing in life she wanted in life.