YMMV / Chick Busters

  • Dork Age: The "affair" angle with her, John Cena, and Vickie Guerrero is proving rather unpopular for a variety of reasons, including the complete lack of chemistry between AJ & Cena and the fact that the storyline is a blatant rip off a TNA storyline that, funnily enough, revolved around another AJ - AJ Styles.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Both of them on NXT, AJ now.
    • Ascended Extra: AJ went from eliminated from NXT to the July 2nd 2012 RAW closing with her chanting "YES!" over the supine bodies of the WWE Champion and the challenger on a broken table that she'd pushed them into.
    • AJ's prominence reached new heights when she was announced as the new GM of Raw during the 1,000th episode of ''Raw'' by Vince McMahon.
    • Kaitlyn also became the first Diva to be requested for the Make A Wish Foundation since Kelly Kelly had left WWE.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Punk/AJ is strangely still a massively popular pairing (that isn't slash or with OCs) in Fan Fiction (especially on fanfiction.net), despite the fact that their storyline ended months ago and that AJ is now with Dolph Ziggler while Punk is on leave. One could even deign to say that it's been the most popular heterosexual ship in wrestling in the last six or seven years.
  • Fridge Logic: AJ turned on John Cena to join Dolph Ziggler, claiming that Cena had toyed with her emotions and broke her heart when he was unwilling to let her join him at ringside for a match...but Ziggler had insulted her so much she attacked him in the locker room. Then again, this is AJ we're talking about.
    • Fridge Brilliance: She hooked up with Dolph Ziggler BECAUSE of that segment. Number one, the part about making someone her entire world over the tiniest sliver of attention had to have struck a nerve for a reason—maybe Cena didn't love her back anymore than Bryan, Kane, or Punk ever did. From there, she was bound to perceive Cena's continued hot-and-cold way of dealing with her as toying with her heart and thus turn against him for it, as even to the sane it seemed as if he was getting her hopes up while keeping her at arm's length romantically. With that being the case, in that one moment of telling her off Dolph was more honest with her than any guy she'd tried to be with (or vice versa)—and he did it all without calling her crazy. It stands to "reason", for lack of a better term, that in her mind a romance with him would be the most real and passionate she could have in WWE. She hasn't been wrong so farů
  • Hollywood Homely: AJ initially on NXT but this has been nearly dropped now. Michael Cole of all people hit on her.
  • Les Yay: The two like to celebrate by jumping into each other's arms and hugging each other.
  • Moral Event Horizon: AJ previously had attacked Kaitlyn backstage for calling her "crazy", establishing herself as not a nice piece of work. But she really crossed the line from psycho to outright despicable evil cow when she revealed that she had made Big E Langston impersonate Kaitlyn's secret admirer for weeks and dump her in front of everyone. All because Kaitlyn had supposedly not been there for her the previous year.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The first five-seven seconds of Kaitlyn's theme have their own following. But only the first five-seven seconds.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Many were critical of Kaitlyn for winning NXT with so little experience. However she has now won over many of her detractors with how much she has improved in the ring.