Trivia / Bodacious Space Pirates

  • The Danza: Ai Hoshimiya is voiced by Ai Kayano
  • Development Hell: The anime was originally announced in 2009, but there wasn't any new news after that for the rest of the year. In 2010, it was announced that Satelight would release the anime in 2011. In 2011, it was announced that the anime would start airing in the summer of 2011, but then the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami delayed production, moving the release to 2012. The anime finally started airing in January 2012.
  • Fan Nickname: Grunhilde Serenity is sometimes referred to as "Loli Char" due to the uniform she was wearing when she was first introduced, which, combined with her hair and eye color, eerily resembled the titular character.
  • I Knew It: Ironbeard's true identity.
  • Star-Making Role: Caitlynn French as Chiaki Kurihara (arguably, Hana Isuzu from Girls und Panzer 11 months later was her other Star-Making Role).
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.