Trivia / Ĉon Flux

  • Bilingual Bonus: Bregna is the Bergamasco word for vagina. So, in North Italy, it sometimes seems like a joke that characters try to fly from Bregna (Vagina) to Monica (Lewinsky)...
  • Creator Breakdown: According to Peter Chung, Æon Flux was first conceived while Peter was working on the pilot for Rugrats and grew frustrated with the many animation limitations that came along with working on the show.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Peter Chung was very, very unhappy with the movie.
  • Executive Meddling: The film suffered this as the studio took control in post-production, chopped out 30 minutes and had the original score (by Theodore Shapiro) replaced by a score by Graeme Revell.
  • Old Shame: The film managed to be this for both show creator Peter Chung and director Karyn Kusama (who had the film taken away from her in post-production).
  • What Could Have Been: Cryo Interactive was set to make a game based on the animated series for the Playstation One, but it was never officially released. However, it was reformulated into a game called Pax Corpus that was stripped of any references to the series.