Trivia / Ĉon Flux

Animated TV Series

  • What Could Have Been: Cryo Interactive was set to make a game based on the animated series for the Playstation One, but it was never officially released. However, it was reformulated into a game called Pax Corpus that was stripped of any references to the series.
  • Writer Revolt: According to Peter Chung, Æon Flux was first conceived out of his frustration with the creative limitations held over him while working on the pilot for Rugrats.


  • Disowned Adaptation: Peter Chung was very, very unhappy with the movie.
  • Executive Meddling: The film suffered this as the studio took control in post-production, chopped out 30 minutes and had the original score (by Theodore Shapiro) replaced by a score by Graeme Revell.
  • Old Shame: The film managed to be this for both show creator Peter Chung and director Karyn Kusama (who had the film taken away from her in post-production).