The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard: WWE Video Games

  • Goes hand in hand with the Rubber-Band A.I. has a tendancy to completely snap.
  • For whatever reason in 2010's RtWM mode your opponent will always be cheap and difficult to beat even if you haven't touched the difficulty settings.
  • The game is unashamedly a Perfect-Play A.I., to the point where it will glitch to win. For example, immediately getting to it's feet from the ground. Not climbing up from the ground, but teleporting from flat on their back to on their feet.
  • In WWE '12, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Big Show were especially bad at this. On Normal difficulty, the three will all reverse a lot of your moves and have incredibly high durability. What this means? Due to the new feature where early in the match, your opponent will get right back up after grapples. Well, prepare to have that happen after you hit your Finisher. And with the comeback specials, which mean your opponent can basically No Sell your offense just to set up for a finisher. Due to how bastardish this game can get, the AI will activate its comeback after you hit a signature move, just to prevent you from using your finisher on them.
    • And that's not the worst thing possible here. The computer will sometimes CANCEL OUT YOUR COUNTER TO THEIR FINISHERS.
  • The game seems to determine who wins and loses before a match. If fighting the CPU and you want them to win (say you want to boost their popularity) it will switch They Just Didnt Care mode on to 11 and you will be hard pressed to get a decent match out of them, much less pick up the victory. If the game wants the player to lose then it will ignore counters and damage, the computer will gain finishers willy nilly and the kickout meter will be delayed giving little if any chance of escaping a pin. Either way if a wrestler is slated to lose you would be hard pressed to do anything to say otherwise.
  • It might accurately represent wrestling, but you can be soundly beating your opponent, they get two moves in, sudden finisher, no kickout meter, you lose.
  • Just how far will the game cheat? Play a championship scramble match and it might not only prevent you from being able to pin or submit, the referee himself will attack you.
  • For once justified in WWE 13. In a match with The Rock and Ken Shamrock, once you fulfill the objectives the match doesn't end. Instead Shamrock becomes totally invincible, cheating on a scale the previous game could only dream of. That's actually in line with the real match, as Rocky did lose, and the game carries on afterwards.
    • Justified in Sv R 2011 where you have to lose a match to progress in the story- for instance, take the backstage brawl with Kozlov and Zeke. There's no way to win, and the two will reverse and counter every move.
  • Certain actions in the game will gain a signature or finisher move. At times when you do so the game will conveniently forget to give you one. If any other evidence is needed this is it: THE. GAME. CHEATS.
  • An occasional glitch in WWE13 is during a contest you are suddenly warped into a pin.
  • The game has a tendency to crash if you win or are winning. The game crashes. If you win or are winning It's like you are not allowed to beat the game at times.
  • Observant players might realize that when using a strike the CPU will immediately use an appropriate counter, so it reads your inputs. Sometimes during a grapple it will pause for the briefest of moments to work out what move you are trying to use and react accordingly.
  • Semi justified in WWE 14. Part of WrestleMania was trying to defeat The Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all. Now, at the time of release, as far as fans know no one, but no one, has been able to do this, and if anyone did they would become an immortal, guaranteed Hall of Famer and considered to be among the Greatest of All Time, the whole nine yardsnote . The game recognized this and on the one hand Taker is Nigh Invulnerable, plays on a level above Legend and fights very intelligently without cheating. However what may be cheating is in a competitive match after hitting your Finishing Move, the lights go out, Taker teleports behind you and hits the Tombstone. Even worse at certain points when you try to attack him while he's on the ground, he'll either counter with a chokeslam or the Hell's Gate.
  • In a bid to recreate specific moments (such as John Cena escaping the Sharpshooter) the game will cheat until it's done. The final match of 30 Years of WrestleMania has Cena and The Rock where you have to hit the AA and win. However by then Rock has infinite finishers (though you do too) and he becomes reversal happy, escaping Attitude Adjustment after Attitude Adjust and cheating on a scale that makes even the Rock/Shamrock example above screaming how blatantly unfair it is.
  • In 2K14, any adjustment of the AI reversal rate past "None" means they'll reverse roughly 80% of your attacks. This includes finisher moves, which grants the opponent a free finisher of their own, even when the finisher reversal rate is left at 0. In short, reversal adjustment is strictly an "ON/OFF" setting, and the slider bars are just there for show. To add insult to injury, your own window to successfully reverse an opponent has been cut down to about 1/8 of a second.
  • Just as 2K14's "Beat the Streak" mode somewhat justified this trope, 2K15 does the same thing with the "Proving Ground" mode. However, instead of a near-unbeatable Undertaker, the player is instead faced with a near-unbeatable John Cena.
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