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  • Here's one for the player: In any Season Mode where you win the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship as your created character. Bonus points if you were a hero getting constantly screwed over by the heel.
  • Christian's Road To WrestleMania in 2011, most notably his reunion with Edge, including the original catchphrases, entrance and theme music.
  • Know Your Role had the real life angle of HHH and his feud with The Rock and Austin, who appears to destroy the DX bus. Hearing Austin verbalize his catch phrases was awesome at the time.
  • Shut Your Mouth has several. There was Austin being drafted after stunning both Ric Flair and Vince McMahon. You can force Vince to kiss the ass of the 400 plus pound Rikishi. Shaving Kurt Angle bald. The reveal of the nWo. Essentially the big storylines of the year truly brought to life for the first time.
    • Oh, but the kicker? After the first year, the game effectively redoes the InVasion with Raw & SmackDown instead.
  • Here Comes the Pain had your chosen character's intro and outro, a black and white montage of them describing why they fight (especially awesome if it's your CAW) and if you win season mode a video of how you made it to the top.
  • Where to begin with 2006?
    • There's the Legends Tour, which pokes digs at Muhammad Hassan and Bret Hart, a spot on portrayal of a Mick Foley promo and Austin interfering in the proceedings.
    • For once a well thought out story mode where your decisions actually matter. Triple H's promos after the attack on Ric Flair and run in to save you from Teddy Long's wrath.
  • 2008 has Vince McMahon challenging you to become the best wrestler in the business, ending with the reveal that he had brought back ECW.
  • 2009 has John Cena's Tribute to the Troops angle. Even if you're a Cena hater the first scene to his Road to WrestleMania is sweet, and to play at the special Iraq arena is awesome.
  • Being able to import face and logo captures will likely see 2K's servers melt as most every icon and person is created and shared online. Just think, you yourself can virtually get your head kicked in by not a CAW of someone, but the real life...anyone you like.
  • WWE '12 features the Hero Story, where you control a created character named Jacob Cass. Why is it awesome? By the end of it, you go from winner of NXT to the hero of WWE, saving it from the invading WCW forces. Saving an entire company from the brink of a hostile takeover? Freaking awesome.
    • The entire final match is basically one big CMOA with Jacob Cass taking part in the in a 6 on 6 Hell in a Cell match at Starrcade, with the fate of the WWE on the line, which ends with Cass being the sole survivor after starting the match opposite Vader.
      • During the course of the match, Cass eliminates Vader after avoiding the Vader Bomb, and Booker T after being thrown into the steps & countering an attempted Book End into his Brainbuster finisher on the steps.
      • After Rey Mysterio eliminates the Undertaker by countering the Last Ride & dropkicking him into a chair, Cass proceeds to lift Mysterio up on his shoulders & effectively Reverse-Alabama Slam Mysterio face first into the same chair the Undertaker was eliminated by.
      • How do you win? First, Kevin Nash (Who led the uprising) brings out a crowbar, takes out Cass & proceeds to beat Mr McMahon - The only other man left on WWE's team - unconcious & pin him, before lazily covering the beaten & exhausted Cass. But he kicks out, and proceeds to fight Nash out of the ring, at which point Cass trys to suicide dive Nash into through the side of the cell... But Nash moves & sends Cass flying through both the cell wall & the announce table, but Cass still gets up, only to be quickly overpowered by Nash, who tries to Jacknife powerbomb Cass only for him to escape by climbing up the cell. Nash follows, and then Cass spears him through the top of the cell, with the two men smashing through the ring underneath to boot. Then Nash starts climbing out of the hole, followed by Cass... And then Nash collapses back to the ground as Cass, beaten & exhuasted, climbs back into the ring. And only then does the referee call for the bell, declaring Team WWE the winner as Cass, barely able to stand at this point, is embraced by John Cena & Triple H - Who gets in one final shot on Nash as he tries to attack Cass again - whilst Undertaker & Mr McMahon tear down the WCW logo on the stage. Don't forget, that at the start of this storyline, Jacob Cass was just the kid who won NXT, and in the course of 4 solid months headlines three pay per views, two of which are freakin' WrestleMania & Starrcade; keeps coming back whenever WCW tries to take him out, even as John Cena & the Undertaker fall; and ends up being the sole survivor of a team including 5 former World Champions. A rookie that becomes WWE's savior? That's more than freaking awesome.
  • 2010 had a cross brand Road to WrestleMania where it would be determined who would be champion of champions. One week John Cena and Triple H have their own challenge for each other. Cena's is a crowd approval gimmick. Triple H however wants to see who can use their Finishing Move the most in a match.
    "Did I mention the ring would be surrounded in flames?"
    • Ring ropes are set on fire for the Inferno match.
  • WWE '12 introduces the Comeback to the game, which allows a player to reenact a wrestler's Five Moves of Doom sequence, and the awesome goes both ways here: For the player activating the comeback, actually getting to complete the sequence to win the match; and for the person on the receiving end, you can actually prevent the Comeback by pressing the correct button, and negating it.
  • WWE 13's Attitude Era mode which begins before the Montreal Screwjob and ends at WrestleMania XV, replaying all the important matches and events along the way. You have "Stone Cold" Steve Austin winning the Royal Rumble and then the WWF title against Shawn Michaels and his wars with Vince McMahon. The Undertaker and Mick Foley in the Hell in a Cell. Several digs at the WCW competition including the infamous "That'll put the butts in the seats" comment. And at the end you get a bunch of extra matches that didn't quite make the cut.
    • The introduction of Catch Finisher nothing screams epic like intercepting your opponent in mid-air.
  • WWE 2K14 includes the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode. Of course Hulk Hogan features but André the Giant! Ultimate Warrior! Ric Flair! Bret Hart! Shawn Michaels! They weren't kidding when they said this was the biggest roster ever and you play out most if not every Crowning Moment of Awesome at the event.
  • The Create a Finisher is about this trope. 720 degree full throttle toss across the ring? Double backflip suicide dive back kick? Top rope moonsault flapjack facebuster? Why not?
  • WWE 2K15 already has some hype thanks to it's pre-order bonus, revealed on the 7/14/14 episode of Monday Night Raw. Who is the pre-order bonus? None other than the man called Sting!
  • 2K16 unveiling the Terminator as a playable character, with a trailer recreating the "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle" scene from Terminator 2, casting various WWE superstars & divas in the roles of the bar patrons from the original scene.
  • 2K17's pre-order bonus? None other than the man, Goldberg!

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