Heartwarming / WWE Video Games

  • If you lose a retirement match in the Season Mode of Shut Your Mouth, some time later Mr. McMahon will, despite his past differences with you, offer you a new contract because he knows how important you are to the company, and to the fans. If you decline, Michael Cole will track you down to The World, where you're drowning your sorrows in beer, and tell you much the same (you will eventually get re-signed anyway come Rumble time). Especially heartwarming if you're a guy beloved by the fans but who never got a shot in the main event.
  • Through the years there have been several revolving around the Divas.
    • In Shut Your Mouth you can get a scene on Valentine's Day where Goldust will approach Booker T, and you approach a WWE Diva (or a custom Diva approaches you.)
    • If you're struggling in season mode of Here Comes The Pain, a storyline appears where Coach offers you a Diva of your brand and alignment type (even a CAW) to have as your manager on behalf of Jim Ross. It's especially sweet if you treat her well, flirt with her, and help her vanquish another Diva, who is making a pass at you. The game breaks Kayfabe and treats it as real rather than a storyline, as Ross will express genuine concern over your treatment of her. A wrestler of the opposite alignment type will admit jealousy and try to steal your Diva from you by forcing her to wrestle him, and you will have to manage her from ringside. Frustrating as it is, if you can somehow help your Diva win, have been treating her well, and kiss her after her win, she will passionately kiss you on the entrance ramp. Twice. Ross will even congratulate the two of you from commentary.
    • The storylines in the original SmackDown vs. Raw where you attempt to win Divas from wrestlers who are mistreating them. You can tell Torrie Wilson that she "deserves a lot better", apologise to Sable for walking in on her in the locker room, or team with whomever is assigned as your friend near the Royal Rumble and invade the other show to steal Trish Stratus (who admitted her love for you before your title match at No Way Out/on Raw and stuck up for you when another wrestler mocked you for losing, whom you then knocked out before leaving with Trish).
    • If you're feuding with Vince McMahon heading into WrestleMania in SmackDown vs. Raw, he will assign two of his henchmen to face you and Trish in a tag team tables match. Before the match, you comfort Trish, who is scared stiff, and and after the match, your friend saves you from an ambush. Before your Hell in a Cell match against Vince at WrestleMania, Trish will wish you luck and hug you.
    • The "Cleaning up Raw" storyline in SmackDown vs. Raw 2007, where Trish sides with you against Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle and Lita. Before your Ultimate Submission match against Kurt at WrestleMania, Candice Michelle and Mickie James text you, thanking you for sticking up for the Divas, and that all of them are "pulling for you" and promise to reward you if you defeat Kurt.
  • Christian's RtWM in SvR 2011, provided you cash in Money in The Bank on Shawn Michaels and not Edge. It ends with Edge and Christian celebrating in the ring with both World titles.
    • Heck, even if you do cash in on Edge, it ends with him and Christian reconciling.
  • In WWE 12 a tag team might get together before a match, and during a match you can approach them (or they might approach you) and attempt a grapple. Rather than an attack the two will converse.
  • A gameplay moment. Playing through universe mode take part in a match. One after win scene is for someone, say Trish Stratus, to run out to congratulate your character, and the rating for the character shoots through the roof. It's like the future hall of famer is giving her stamp of approval on your character.
  • The end of "30 Years of WrestleMania" mode - After playing through some of the greatest & most iconic matches from WrestleMania's first 29 events, the player is treated to a video featuring highlights of the 30 years & showing the passage of time from the days of Hulkamania to the era of John Cena, before looking forward to the future of the event with shots of the likes of Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, the Miz, Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, and the Shield.

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