Tear Jerker / Sunshine

The Film

  • The fate of the Icarus 1 crew. When Pinbacker sabotaged the Icarus 1 mission, it's implied that they sat together and resigned themselves to their fate, as suggested by the position of their corpses.
  • Trey succumbing to depression after realizing that his miscalculations have jeopardized the Icarus 2 mission.
  • The spacewalks of Kaneda and Capa- Kaneda, making a Heroic Sacrifice, turning to face the full glory of a Sun which has been slowly dying his entire life, with Searle whispering, begging, to know what he sees. And Capa struggling so hard to make it to the airlock, stumbling but not failing, to then fly across the surface of the Sun- which he's been having nightmares about- to sacrifice himself for the human race.
  • Capa's heartfelt last message to his sister, wherein he says to her "when the sunlight gets a little brighter, you'll know we succeeded...". And then the fact that Mace missed the chance to send his last message to Earth, because Capa took long and they flew out of the communications zone earlier than thought. Finally, at the last shot of the movie, we hear Capa's message and quote from earlier again, this time played over a (frozen) Sydney where (supposedly) his sister is. It is as TearJerker as it is Heartwarming, because by then he died, but he saved mankind doing so.