Funny / Sunshine

The Film

  • Right in the opening moments, Searle talks up at mealtime how good it feels to be exposed to extreme levels of sunlight that are potentially damaging, describing them as very strange, but 'light becoming you.'
    Mace: What's strange, Searle, is you're the psych officer on this ship and I'm clearly a lot saner than you are.
  • How Trey is implied to be a bad cook (all astronauts have to take turns to cook), who doesn't even care about that:
    Mace: What is it? Beef?
    Trey: Chicken. If you don't like it, take my shift next time.
  • When Cassie very dryly reports the physical fight Mace and Capa get in, to Kaneda over the radio, as follows:
    Cassie: We have an excess of manliness breaking out in the Comms Center...
  • Meta-example: The irony of the Human Torch dying of hypothermia is somewhat hilarious. Even funnier now that he's Captain America, who became a Human Popsicle at the end of his first movie.

The Book