Heartwarming / Sunshine

The Film

  • Two scenes - the one where they take a moment to enjoy looking at Mercury, and the final scene, reminding us why the group were up there in the first place, and showing it was worth it.
    • Pretty much any time Adagio in D Minor plays, especially near the end as Capa struggles towards the payload.
    • Topped by the moment To Heal begins; it's the most heartwarming piece of the entire soundtrack, playing at the most awe-worthy moment when Capa reaches out to touch the sun, looking so serene and peaceful even in his final moments, ending with the sun regaining it's light and illuminating the Earth once more.
  • "Searle? We're going to go now. We love you."

The Book

  • When Sunshine's landlady reveals who she is and what she knows, and her support for Sunshine. Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The ending of the book, as Sunshine leaves with Con, is another.