Awesome / Sunshine

The Film

  • The ending: Capa, despite knowing he's going to die, puts on the spacesuit, and jumps out of the Icarus II. We get a distant shot of the spaceship and the payload, and between them is Capa, who's like a tiny ant in space as he blasts himself towards the bomb that will revive the dying sun. After a brief reunion with Cassie and a final fight against Pinbacker, Capa activates the bomb. The sun explodes into the payload, and Capa is bathed in the rays of the reborn star, smiling with pride.
  • Mace's plan to get himself, Harvey and Capa from one shuttle to another with only one suit.
  • Mace's making sure Capa gets the space suit (for the aforementioned jump from one shuttle to the other), because, even though Mace dislikes Capa, he knows that Capa's survival is more essential to their mission than his own.

The Book

  • When Sunshine stakes a vampire using just a table knife. Which is supposed to be impossible.
  • Revealing her lineage to Con, and then getting him out and about in sunlight. Another supposedly impossible thing she does.