Awesome / Sunshine


  • The ending: Capa, despite knowing he's going to die, puts on the spacesuit, and jumps out of the Icarus II. We get a distant shot of the spaceship and the payload, and between them is Capa, who's like a tiny ant in space as he blasts himself towards the bomb that will revive the dying sun. After a brief reunion with Cassie and a final fight against Pinbacker, Capa activates the bomb. The sun explodes into the payload, and Capa is bathed in the rays of the reborn star, smiling with pride. I am always choked up by that scene, and never have I seen Cillian Murphy look more angelic than that moment.
  • Mace's plan to get himself, Harvey and Capa from one shuttle to another with only one suit.


  • When Sunshine stakes a vampire using just a table knife. Which is supposed to be impossible.
  • Revealing her lineage to Con, and then getting him out and about in sunlight. Another supposedly impossible thing she does.