Tearjerker / Pacificators

  • The Pacificator of Light whom Daryl replaced, Porenn Carlson, was killed and her death fractured the platoon, along with sparking a war.
    • To add a bit of Fridge Horror into the mixture, apparently what happened to Larima in chapter 41 was eerily similar to what happened to Porenn...
  • Helen Churchill (Daryl’s grandmother), the legendary Pacificator of Light, seemed to have simply wasted away in her old age and forgotten.
    Daryl: Well, I haven’t seen her for several years, but I haven’t heard of her death yet. The last time I saw her, she was just sitting in a chair with a blindfold covering her eyes.
  • The old apple-seller in Madrid, Spain, once knew a little girl who used to come by to visit, however she disappeared after a terrible fire that destroyed the neighborhood. This little girl? Very likely Muneca - however, she doesn’t seem to remember the old woman... until she had a bite of the apple.
    • This story belongs mainly on the Heartwarming page, but what brings it here is the events in chapter 37 (which basically confirmed that Muneca was the little girl)... more specifically, Daryl discovering that Muneca is covered with burn scars. Think about this: Muneca was only a little girl when she got caught in that fire, and apparently, she was burned up pretty bad...
    • And it also brings a small dose of Fridge Horror into the mix - look at Muneca's grimace when she took that bite of the apple. Odds are good she's having a flashback of being burned alive in that terrible fire.
  • Yuma’s story. He was a simple Buddhist monk who merely wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, due to the blundering of two European Pacificators (one knocked a lit candle upon Yuma’s lap), they awoke a “great rage” within Yuma.
    Bismun: And you killed those two Pacificators?
    Yuma: Regretfully, yes. With that, I’m no longer a Buddhist, and my rage have cast myself to Naraku.
    • In the end, Yuma was just an old man who found himself trapped in a situation beyond his control for a very long time, and just wanted to go back home.
  • Qamra hates being away from Bismun.
  • Captain Blackbeard became an alcoholic, and hates the Pacificators now because they ruined his lifehood.
  • The female Preserver, Amanda, was killed right in front of her big brother Austin.
  • Apparently, Daryl's mother did not want her to be a Pacificator, lest she should suffer her grandmother Helen's fate.
  • It was pretty horrible seeing Larima getting beaten up so badly in chapter 41...
  • As of chapter 42, Qamra is bedridden, thanks to that break-out by Tiamat and Rendo.
  • In chapter 43, Qamra breaks up with Bismun, and tells him that they won't get back together unless his platoon steps up on their act.