Tearjerker: Kage

  • Jade deciding to make a Heroic Sacrifice and let herself be banished so her family and friends won’t share her fate is just heartwrenching.
    • Jade saying goodbye to Jackie makes it even worse, especially when Viper realizes what she’s about to do, but can’t do anything to stop Jade from letting go a second later, with the last thing Jade hears before she gets sucked in being Jackie crying out her name.
  • Jade regaining control and begging for help is pretty sad.
    • It gets worse when Elyon’s powers nearly kill her, and after Elyon stops, she weakly cries out for Jackie, Uncle and Tohru before succumbing to unconsciousness.
  • “The Mage’s” Blatant Lies about Jade being an evil shapeshifter nearly getting her locked up.
  • Miranda is truly sad about having to leave Cedric behind (though she hides it well).
  • Miranda’s thoughts reveal that she used to have a better view of friendship, but while we don’t know what caused that view to change, it must have been terrible.
  • Drake being left behind when the Knights grab Tynar, helpless to stop them.

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