Tear Jerker: Walrusguy

  • "One More Final: I Need You(tube Poop)". To outsiders it's sad enough, but to those who've been into poops for a while it's truly gut-wrenching. Walrusguy even managed to make one of the cheesiest lines in The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games heartbreaking.
    Link: "Hey Zelda, I just wanted to say. It sure is boring...without you."
    • Walrusguy also managed to make one of the narmiest lines in the Super Mario cartoons heartbreaking, with Yoshi's death.
    Goodnight, Mama Luigi.
    *intense coughing*
    • In the same poop, we have Dr. Rabbit's final request to "Remember what we've learned, and keep on smiling!" as he flies away into the sunset is two things: Walrusguy's final jab at Colgate and a farewell to his fans. Tissues, please.
  • Bowser The Foodstealer 3
  • The last quote from "Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit."
    Mr. Read: Ummm...I think he's dead, honey.