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Tear Jerker / Walrusguy

  • "One More Final: I Need You(tube Poop)". To outsiders it's sad enough, but to those who've been into poops for a while it's truly gut-wrenching. Walrusguy even managed to make one of the cheesiest lines in The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games heartbreaking.
    Link: "Hey Zelda, I just wanted to say. It sure is boring...without you."
    • Walrusguy also managed to make one of the narmiest lines in the Super Mario cartoons heartbreaking, with Yoshi's death.
    Goodnight, Mama Luigi.
    *intense coughing*
    • In the same poop, we have Dr. Rabbit's final request to "Remember what we've learned, and keep on smiling!" as he flies away into the sunset is two things: Walrusguy's final jab at Colgate and a farewell to his fans. Tissues, please.
  • Bowser The Foodstealer 3
  • The last quote from "Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit."
    Mr. Read: Ummm...I think he's dead, honey.
  • "Steven Universe Summons Uncle Grandpa and Together They Confront the Blind God Yaldabaoth". Near the end of the poop, Fred Flintstone's family vanishes from existence for refusing to fight Uncle Granpa, with his last words to them being very heart-breaking.
    Fred: "Wilma... I need you..."