Tear Jerker / Twin Peaks

  • The last scene of Fire Walk With Me.
    • Most of Fire Walk With Me is tear jerker material due to the story alone: a young girl living under constant abuse and doing anything she can to numb herself to it, even though we know from the premise of the series alone that this is a doomed character.
  • The shot of the telephone's receiver dangling, from which Mrs. Palmer can be heard reacting to just learning of Laura's death.
    • The entire sequence from the discovery of her body is haunting, as Mrs. Palmer lives the worst nightmare of any parent during the fruitless search for Laura's whereabouts.
  • Andy's phone call to Lucy telling her that they found the rail car where Laura was tortured and murdered.
    Andy: [breaking down] Tell Harry we found where... where it happened. Where Ronette and Laura were taken and tortured. Tell Harry... I didn't cry.
  • Harold Smith being Driven to Suicide following his feeling betrayed by Donna's snooping.
  • Leland's death. Both tears of sadness, and, due to him dying as himself and seeing a vision of Laura, not to mention Coop guiding him, tears of bittersweet happiness.
  • The fallout from Maddie's death, seemingly felt by everyone in the Roadhouse — Donna (who was never particularly comfortable or pleasant around her) breaking down into tears, Bobby (who never even met her) looking confused and grieved at the bar, Cooper being comforted by the waiter and obviously feeling his failure to stop BOB.
  • Virtually everyone's initial reaction to Laura's death. As hammy and bizarre as they were, the complete and utter despair this town felt at her loss is unmistakable.
    • The school announcing her death over the loudspeaker, and Donna bursting into loud, hysterical sobs in the middle of class.