Nightmare Fuel / Twin Peaks
His name stands for "Beware of BOB", by the way.

  • BOB/ Leland Palmer
    • Everything is tolerable but his little Fred Astaire dance with the golf club in the episode where he's been driving around ALL DAY with Maddie's body in the trunk: there's something just creepingly, inexplicably nightmarish about the sheer randomness of it.
  • The end of Episode 14: Whilst Cooper and others are gathered at the roadhouse, the Giant appears, ominously stating: "It is happening again." The viewer then sees the Palmer household where Leland looks in the mirror and BOB is in the reflection, revealing him to be the killer (and rapist) of his daughter. The implications of this are horrific enough, but almost immediately, Leland/BOB proceeds to claim his next victim.
  • And Maddy's exceptionally violent (well, for network tv at the time anyway) death.
    • As well as the fact that it takes place entirely within the Palmer's living room. Despite all the fantastical elements, the scene doubles as very realistic looking domestic violence.
    • The shifting perspectives during this scene whilst Leland is clutching Maddie, between Leland crying and BOB sickeningly kissing her.
    "Leland're going Missoula...MONTANA!"
  • Maddy's screams from within the Black Lodge. Talk about Nightmare Face.
  • Ronette's Dream at the end of S02E01 is a real whopper too.
  • The ending of the episode "Coma".
  • The words repeated by Waldo. The unpassionate tone only makes the words more disturbing.
  • Leo's awakening midway through Season 2.
    • "Bye, wife."
  • Then of course there's the huge pile of Mind Screw / Surreal Horror that essentially makes up the entire last half hour of the final episode.
    "How's Annie?" (Warning: HUGE spoilers!)
  • Mike Gerard's possession and recounting of the 'Fire Walk With Me' poem was particularly chilling. Hats off to Al Strobel for the shift from a kindly shoe salesman to an eerie ancient spirit.
  • Harold Smith's Freak Out when he finds out Donna is secretly trying to take Laura's diary from him is really disturbing considering how he was so friendly before.
  • How about in the second-to-last episode, when Windom Earle returns to his hideout with a white face and black teeth after finding the Black Lodge?
  • Just about 90% of Fire Walk With Me, but notably the David Bowie scene.
    • The rape scene where Laura finds out Bob possessed her father.
  • That shadow on the curtain during Cooper's dream at the end of the second episode.
    • Apparently, it's supposed to be an owl. Not that it makes it any less creepy.
  • Maddie's vision of BOB.
    • Along with Sarah Palmer's in the first season, as seen in the image above.
  • Leo's (probable) end.
  • Ronette Pulaski's first appearance, walking down the bridge in a daze, ropes dangling from her wrists.
  • Something about Cooper and Harry looking at Laura Palmer's dead body while the electricity flickered in and out made an otherwise normal (at least, normal for murder dramas) scene absolutely horrifying.
  • Ronette's arms slowly raising up as she sleeps alone in her hospital bed.
  • Really want to scare yourself? Try playing the Mike and Bob section of Cooper's dream sequence in the German dub.