Funny / Twin Peaks

  • There is an astonishingly funny scene around the mid-end of the second season where Gordon Cole (played by David Lynch) tries to flirt with Shelly Johnson. The running-joke of Cole's hearing problems is made fresh and funny, and adding the Log Lady into the mix just made it even more amazing.
    • And adding onto that, Bobby's expression when he walks in and sees Cole and Shelly kissing is something that must be seen to be believed.
      • And of course, Cole's comment on the situation is perhaps one of the best lines in the series:
    • In one scene in the second season, Windom Earle is listening to the police discussing his schemes via a Tracking Device in their office when Cole suddenly notices the bonsai tree where the device is hidden and leans over it:
      Earle: (clapping a hand to his ear) Agh! Damnation!
  • The scenes where Ben Horne looks back on his childhood.
  • I've heard about you. *thumbs up ;D" (Contains spoilers for those who haven't started watching season 2.)
  • When about to explain his rock-throwing method, Cooper takes a cup of coffee, takes a sip—and then spits it out. And goes, "MM!!!—DAMN GOOD COFFEE! And hot!"
  • "Fellas, don't drink that coffee! You'd never guess...there was a fish in the percolator." Followed by Cooper giving an epic Oh, Crap! look.
  • The drunk Icelandic delegation on Cooper's inn floor. And Cooper's Tranquil Fury at it.
  • Pretty much any of the guests in the background at the hotel. They range from cheerleaders, to marching bands, to a barbershop quartet, and many more. They're never explained, never even really acknowledged, they're just...there. It just seems too bizarre to have a fairly quiet scene of Dale and Albert talking over coffee, when there's a barbershop quartet humming to themselves in he background!
  • Cooper and the llama.
  • Ben's mental breakdown and re-enactment of the Civil War in the second season.
  • Everything about Nadine, especially post-coma.
    • Notably her first time waking up, where she breaks the chains holding her down on a hospital bed so that she can start clapping enthusiastically in preparation for a cheerleading routine. The look on Ed's face is hilarious!
  • "New shoes..."
  • Later in season 2, when the pageant judges are discussing what they want in a Miss Twin Peaks, a very exasperated extra walks in front of them carrying a stuffed deer. It looks like he's having sex with it!
  • The scene where Garland Briggs slaps a cigarette out of Bobby's mouth, causing it to land in Mrs. Briggs's meatloaf.
  • Cooper's deductive technique involving the throwing of rocks at a glass bottle.
  • Audrey's successful attempt to wreck her father's impending deal with the Norwegians, by informing them of Laura Palmer's murder.
  • Speaking of Audrey: The cute moment when she flirts with Cooper for the first time, and Cooper pointedly asks her age. She tells him she's eighteen. Beat. Cooper sets a dinner date.
  • Cooper in the pilot, after losing a tail:
    Cooper (to Truman): Get me a doughnut!
  • Even if it precedes something horrifying...
    The Man from another place: Wow, Bob, wow.
  • Agent Cooper: "I combined Major Briggs' tattoo with the Log Lady's."
  • Cooper and Sheriff Truman stare at an enormous, seemingly incongruous moose head on a table at the station.
    Secretary: "Oh, it fell down."
  • Deputy Hawk says something in a profound, Magical Native American tone. And then comes the last line.
    Hawk: One woman can make you fly like an eagle, another can give you the strength of a lion, but only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder and the wisdom that you have known a singular joy. *Beat* I wrote that for my girlfriend.
  • "I've got good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style."
  • The sound effects on the hospital food. And the actual look of it.
  • Pretty much anything that comes out of Andy's mouth. "I'm a whole damn town!"
  • Cooper seeing the array of doughnuts in the pilot:
    Cooper (awed): A policeman's dream!