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Heartwarming: Twin Peaks
  • Albert's speech about being an adamant pacifist, particularly at the end when he says "I love you, Sheriff Truman."
  • The scenes where Ben Horne looks back on his childhood are both heartwarming and funny.
  • The night Catherine comes back home to Pete in her Tajemura disguise. The look on his face when he realizes it's her made this troper crack a smile from ear to ear.
  • In Fire Walk With Me the final scene where a despondent Laura, trapped in the Black Lodge, is visited by the angel that she thought had abandoned her. Her sudden realisation that she was still a good person worthy of love and protection, despite the terrible experiences she had suffered, was a truly heartwarming moment.
  • Major Briggs telling Bobby about his vision of Bobby's future happiness.
  • Cooper guiding Leland into heaven, and then telling Sarah how peaceful his death was.
  • Cooper's would-be exit from the town, with Harry giving him a fly lure and a Bookhouse Boys badge, and his perfect sendoffs to Hawk, Andy, and Lucy.
  • The scene between Cooper and Audrey where she tries to seduce him is easily the most heartwarming in the series.
  • Many of the scenes between James and Donna can be this, especially when the latter comes to realize how much she loves him.
  • Cooper in general is a heartwarmingly good and loveable character. The same can be said for Garland Briggs.

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