Tear Jerker: The Voynich Hotel

  • Tenebraum's death scene.
    Lachrymarum: ... We should all be together.
  • You can't help but feel sad about how much Peace's death has affected the Sleuth Brigade.
  • Kurosawa goes to Snark's cafe to confess to her... he doesn't come back out alive.
  • Tenebraum and Professor break up. That Professor is so optimistic is just...
    • The fact that they broke up because she unintentionally used up all of the power that was slowing down her decaying to heal him from being crippled and is too ashamed to let him see her as she is just makes it all the sadder.
  • Elena goes to visit her mother in Russia, and returns to find Taizou being brutally tortured by Yakuza, including having his fingers cut out and one of his eyes put out. In fact, had she not accidentally moved his heart a little to the left, he'd have been killed, and one of the Yakuza even cracks her glass eye. She calmly enlists their help in redecorating the room.
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