Funny / The Voynich Hotel

While the Voynich Hotel does have its serious scenes and plenty of creepy and blackness to go around, it is also drop-dead hilarious.

  • Beluna's choice of shirt for Elena to wear on her date with Taizou.
    Shirt: Fuck Me [with an arrow pointing down]
    • Taizou's reaction to said shirt.
    Elena: He told me to change my clothes.
  • Snark distracting Alice with a claim that milk with her make her (Alice's) breasts grow bigger. In a later chapter, Vixen is guzzling down carton after carton.
  • The drug dealers' offer to Kurosawa.
    Note: We'll show you our tits if you let us go
    • It doesn't work. Why?:
    Kurosawa: Sorry, ladies, but I'm gay.
  • The Sleuth Brigade's reaction to Vixen trying to flaunt her "sex appeal" in chapter 20. It must be seen for maximum effect.
  • Elena quickly changes her mind about Ashkelon, the demon in the VIP room when she learns how luxuriously he tips.
    Elena: I'm going to wait on him too!
  • The aftermath of Amelia cooking "Baked Spotted Purple Serpent." There's very little mystery at this point on why she's so comically suicidal.