Tear Jerker: The Sword in the Stone

  • The opening scene alone is enough to make you weep. The song in the beginning is so melancholy...*sniff*
  • When Arthur and Merlin turn back into people after being squirrels and you hear the female squirrel who fell in love with Arthur sobbing hysterically. Man, it's hard to even think about without tearing up.
    Merlin: Ah, you see, lad... that love business is a powerful thing.
    Arthur: Greater than gravity?
    Merlin: Well, yes, boy, in its way, I'd, uh- Yes, I'd say it's the greatest force on Earth.
    • In the same scene the saddest part is when Arthur just realizes how seriously heart-broken she is and he looks genuinely remorseful knowing he can't do anything to make her happy.
    • Enters into Fridge Tearjerker if you know how King Arthur's canon romance with Guinevere turns out. Then he'll really empathize with the squirrel.
  • Arthur's Heroic BSOD after losing the chance to become Kay's squire. Even Merlin felt sorry for him.
    • Which has nothing on how he feels after Merlin's reaction to his actually becoming a squire.
  • A brief moment during the wizards' duel when Arthur thinks Mim vanquished Merlin.
    Arthur: Why that horrible old witch! I'll...I'll peck her eyes out!