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Heartwarming: The Sword in the Stone
  • It's the moment when Wart/Arthur pulled the sword from the stone in front of everybody.
    • Just the look of wonder and amazement on the people's faces were just... it was a good kind of tearjerker.
    • Most of all when Sir Ector begs for Arthur's forgiveness and demands that Kay bow to his new king.
    • The look on Kay's face after he bows. It's a cross between Heel Realization and Sudden Humility.
    • Poor Arthur throughout the whole thing keep begging Sir Ector and Kay not to prostrate themselves before him in that adorable squeaky voice of his.
  • The girl squirrel rushing to save Arthur from the broken branch.
    • In fact, the entire scene with Arthur and the girl squirrel, until the end.
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