Tear Jerker / The Phantom Menace

  • Qui-Gon's death after the battle with Darth Maul.
    • That he tells Obi-Wan, who he has a father/son relationship with, to train Ani when he obviously wants to say something different is another one. The way he gently brushes his tears away is heartbreaking.
    • Made even worse when you realise that Obi-Wan freaking knows that Qui-Gon is losing the fight. His expression goes from anxious to terrified during the sequence.
  • Before Anakin left Tatooine, he asked his mother if they would meet again. Those who watched the following film know that they will, but under very painful circumstances.
  • When Anakin had to choose between his life on Tatooine with his mother or following his life dream of becoming a Jedi Knight. Made even worse that he eventually turns Sith.
  • It really hurts to think how Anakin was such a cute, caring, helpful kid before he turned into Vader.
    • What's worse is that he sees the Jedi as the ultimate saviors, out to free the slaves on Tatooine and virtually unkillable. That myth he holds on to slowly crumbles over the course of the film as he finds himself initially rejected by Jedi Council for simply being too old and later on, after the Battle of Naboo, learns that his Jedi father figure Qui-Gon was killed by a Sith Lord. As the next two films reveal, it only goes downhill from here.
    Qui-Gon: Perhaps I killed a Jedi and took it from him.
    Anakin: I don't think so, no one can kill a Jedi.
  • In the deleted scene introducing the podracers on the grid, we see the commentators introducing racer Ratts Tyerell and his family, including his newborn child. 2 laps into the race, he was killed when he crashed into a stalagmite. Cue the tears of sympathy for his family when you realise that his family was likely watching the entire incident take place.
    • Shmi states earlier how much she hates it when Watto makes Anakin race. No doubt she's terrified of watching something like this happen to him.