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Heartwarming: The Phantom Menace
  • Young Anakin to Young Padme: "Are you an angel?"
  • When Darth Maul throws Obi-Wan of the catwalk Qui-Gon immediately body checks and bitchslaps him, dealing the most damage the guy takes throughout the whole fight (up until the end of course). And Maul wasn't distracted either, Qui-Gon was just pissed.
  • When Anakin goes to say goodbye to Padme on his way to the Jedi Temple. He pretty much asks Amidala to relay the message. This was before Padme was revealed to be the queen, it works in two ways of heartwarming; depending on who was in the role at the time. If it was Padme in the role, then she already got the message and just stealthly told Anakin that. On the other hand if it was Sabe in the role, she knows that Anakin is a friend of her boss and still would pass the message on.
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