Tear Jerker / Super Dimension Fortress Macross

  • Misa's discovery about her first love and Victorious Childhood Friend Riber's death and Roy Fokker's death, specially in regards to Claudia's and Hikaru's reactions are still punches to the gut, more than 20 years after.
    • Not to diminish anything, but Focker's actions leading up to that scene may also qualify him for What an Idiot. YMMV, of course.
      • Actually, a bit of Fridge Brilliance could potentially fix it. It's not unlikely that Roy realized he would eventually die of the injuries he had sustained, or at least he considered the possibility. Therefore, Roy might have deliberarely chosen to take a risk and attempt seeing Claudia before he died, rather than kicking it all alone in the hospital. At least it offers a possible Alternate Character Interpretation... hm.
  • When Hikaru and Misa return to the Macross in The Movie, Claudia asks them about Roy, and if he died fighting. They answer yes, and she looks at them with both sadness and a little bit of relief (knowing his death wasn't senseless) and merely says "Thank you." Cue waterworks.
  • Not to mention, there's how Misa finds out what ACTUALLY happened to Riber Fruhling. The poor woman emotionally collapses and Hikaru has to pretty much pull her away by force...