Trivia: Super Dimension Fortress Macross

  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross and its spinoffs. The key to defeating the unstoppable millions-strong fleet of clone troop alien warriors is the music of a civilian pop singer...who lives on the eponymous fortress in a city hastily reconstructed inside a cargo hold after a teleportation accident.
  • Actor Allusion: In the ADV dub, this isn't the first time Chris Patton (Max) and Luci Christian (Millia) were paired up together as love interests.
  • Executive Meddling: The series was actually going to be called Megaroad, but an executive's love for Shakespeare suggested it to be called Macbeth. After some compromising, Macross was created.
  • Defictionalization: An artesanal example, in episode 25, we have a wedding cake in SDF-1 Macross format, in the birthday in same day of Bandai Manager Jerry Chu and Mari Iijima voice actor from the Minmay they were presented with a cake in the same format.
  • I Am Not Spock: Mari Iijima (who played Lynn Minmay): "Maybe you guys have NEVER been typecast as one thing for years and years in life?". It is thirty years by this moment - and counting. And Mari is a good singer in her own right but for some people, she remains "Minmay".
  • Names to Know in Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion creator/Gainax co-founder Hideaki Anno got his start on this series. Shoji Kawamori provided the mechanical designs for the series (and would go on to direct the sequels).
  • No Export for You: A large assortment of absolutely hideous legal snarls between Harmony Gold, Studio Nue, Satelight, Tatsunoko Production, and Big West means that virtually nothing of the Super Dimension Fortress Macross series that wasn't incorporated into the original Robotech adaptation has seen the light of day outside of Japan. Macross Plus apparently got released only due to absolutely titanic pressure from fans, critics, and other distributors for the parties involved to not completely sit on triple-A-quality material needlessly; the same may happen to Macross Frontier (especially with the DVDs and soundtracks of that show pushing sales numbers not seen in at least a decade) but so far no plans for export have been announced (and as time grinds on, it begins to look less and less likely). Macross7, Macross Zero and various video-game projects and the like stalled out completely and will almost certainly never see release overseas.
    • It's gotten so bad that some people with dogs in the fight have said that it may be that nobody knows who has international rights for some of the Macross property, in particular "Do You Remember Love?"
      • Robert Woodhead, AnimEigo CEO, once said he does not expect to ever see a legal US release of Do You Remember Love because of the titanic, multi-side battle (yep, it's not just Harmony Gold who's in the way, but apparently Shogakukan, Toho and a few others who have some sort of interest in the film).
      • By this point, actually, the rights are pretty much settled. It's just Harmony Gold now threatening to sue the first person to try anything. They'd lose the suit because they actually own absolutely nothing (Japanese courts determined the seller had no right to sell), but until some entity with deep pockets takes that challenge, nothing will be done.
    • As noted above, it's not specifically a Macross problem, it's an industry-wide phenomenon. Macross just takes the cake for being ensnarled not only inside Japan, but outside of it too.
      • This legal snarl has caused some severe issues with the BattleTech franchise. FASA had bought (or they believed they had bought) rights to the designs in good faith, and used the designs without molestation for 10 yearsnote . However, FASA and Playmates Toys got into a legal battle when Playmates created a toy for their Exo Squad line that closely resembled the MadCat 'Mech from BattleTech (at the time, FASA was finalizing both toy and TV deals for their game). FASA sued. Harmony Gold had sublicensed Robotech to Playmates as a tie-in to Exo Squad, and noticed that FASA was using the Macross designs and counter-sued. Nobody quite knows what the actual settlement in the cases were, but official word from Catalyst Game Labs, FASA's successor company is that the discontinuation of the Macross, Crusher Joe and Fang of the Sun Dougram (the latter two which were not owned in any way by HG) designs was an internal decision by FASA to bar all artwork not created in-house to avoid any potential legal hassles, and not a legal mandate from a court. This policy, funnily enough, also forced FASA to stop using designs made bespoke for them by Studio Nue (the original studio behind Macross) to replace the offending designs for releases of BattleTech in Japan.
      • On a side note, Tommy Yune, representative for Harmony Gold, has stated that they're willing to license Macross Zero and sublicense it to ADV Films, but Big West took the license off the market.
      • On top of all that, you've got the VF-1/Jetfire issue. TakaraTomy still fears about the figure and its licensenote . Hence why there's no reissue of the character.
  • The Other Darrin: Due to the death of Hikaru Ichijou's original voice actor, Arihiro Hase, in 1996, in all subsequent appearances, he is voiced by Kenji Nojima.
    • Inverted across languages: Minmay's voice actress is the same in the original Japanese version and the ADV Films (Macross) dub.
  • Un-Canceled: Originally slated for 48 or so episodes, the series was cut (due to the loss of the original sponsor) to around 23, meaning the series would have ended with the climactic battle against Bodolzaa, as seen in "Ai Wa Nagareru." Tatsunoko deciding to come on board at the last minute (though that caused other still ongoing headaches), as well as a very positive viewer reaction, allowed for a reprieve, and the show was at the very last minute extended to 36 episodes, permitting the "two years later" epilogue arc, which resolved the love triangle, as well as other hanging plot threads.