Headscratchers / Super Dimension Fortress Macross

  • This show is supposed to be set between 2009 and 2012, right? So where are all the Dubstep remixes of Lynn Minmay's songs? This show isn't realistic at all!
    • This being the early eighties version of what 2009-12 would be like? They probably hadn't thought of dubstep back then...
    • For an in-universe reason, it's never heard pre-timeskip because the viewpoint characters are the guys less likely to listen to them, and after the timeskip they were all too busy rebuilding the planet for that.
    • There was a war. Maybe the people who developed and popularized it in our timeline got killed...
  • Where does the "If mice could swim..." poem comes from, or who wrote it? It has to come from somewhere...
    • If you put the ISBN number that appears above it in the Gratuitous English into Amazon's search engine, it does come up with a real book which could be the source: ''If Mice Could Fly'' by John Cameron.
      • The publication details match up with the exception of the year, naturally.
  • In episode 9 Lynn orders irish coffee. Why does no one bat an eye at a young teen ordering a cocktail?
    • Because they've been invaded by aliens, warped across the solar system, and stuffed inside a battlecruiser still being pursued by said aliens. Who doesn't need a drink after that?
  • In episode 18, Hikaru was not only assigned Roy's Valkyrie, but command of Skull Squadron. Why was he not promoted to major then and there?