Tear Jerker / Gankutsuou

  • Though it's inevitable given his painful naïveté, watching Albert break down repeatedly and blame himself as disaster and betrayal rain down on him towards the end of the series, all because his good friend the Count is losing his humanity to the desire for revenge.
  • The death of Franz.
  • The Count's duel with Franz as a whole, really. Hearing the poor fellow scream in agony, and Mercedes sobbing and begging, while the Count just won't stop. Even worse if you know that it's actually Franz in there. Even worse still if you know that he's not going to make it.
  • The begging, nay grovelling done by Fernand to Edmond in order to save the life of Albert. What's especially moving is that Fernand himself shot his own Albert in rage a short while previously due to the heat of the moment, when Albert tried to stop Fernand from killing Mercedes when she decided to finally leave him for good, and now here he is, abandoning virtually all of his dignity just to save his own son's life from his one-time childhood best friend and now mortal arch-enemy.
  • The response of Mercedes when she visits the graves of both Edmond and Ferdnand in the final episode.
  • As a matter of fact, Edmond's past and the last two episodes, especially when Haydee attempts to stop the Count, when Albert hugs him, and when he dies.
  • The glowy flashback scene showing Edmond, Mercedes, and Fernand during their younger years, with Mercedes' hat flying off and the two of them going after it. Just the whole way that Mercedes acted like a cute Tsundere, and the playful and innocent way that they got along made for a rather depressing contrast to what you know happened later.
  • The opening, Narm aside. The shot of Franz, Eugenie, and Albert walking by the sea becomes especially painful near the end of the anime, since it references both the memory Franz recalls as he dies and a similar scene from Edmond, Mercedes, and Fernand's youth (mentioned above).
  • The final episodes, big time.
  • A meta-one, but this was one of Bob Papenbrook's final dub roles. He died twelve days before the third DVD was released in North America.