Awesome / Gankutsuou

  • In Episode 2: Albert is captured by Luigi's gang and about to be killed or branded, when the Count shows up in a Big Damn Heroes or Villainous rescue, and sends his two bodyguards to defeat the whole gang while he gives Luigi a scoop of Eye Scream.
  • During the wedding signing scene when the police came to arrest Andrea and he tried to run, only to be tripped up by Debray. Debray became one of my very favorite characters in that scene.
  • As much as I hate him, Andrea himself had one in the court scene when he called out all the nobles and told them they could all kiss his ass.
  • "Shut your mouth Fernand Mondego!" The awesomeness of the whole scene culminates in that one phrase.
  • Bertuccio and Baptistan ram their ship into Fernand's, downing it, and saving Albert and his mother.