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Fridge: Gankutsuou
  • I thought the recaps at the beginning of each episode of Gankutsuou were just another typical over-the-top Studio GONZO frill, what with them being narrated in French by Joji Nakata. Then I watched episode 23, where Gankutsuou fully possesses the Count, and realized that the narrations were intended to be Gankutsuou gloating over his plan, as in the Japanese broadcast the Count/Dantes speaks in Japanese, while when Gankutsuou is in control he uses French. In the English, the recaps were in English, in the Count's natural voice, and the dubbers gave Gankutsuou a deeper voice slightly reminscent of a Dalek to differentiate between the two in that crucial scene in episode 23. I just thought it was an interesting bit of foreshadowing that the English missed out on. - xdelicious

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