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Heartwarming: Gankutsuou
  • "Your son said that he believes in his father." from episode 16.
  • The moment Albert and Eugenie share after her performance and she discovers that he in fact did come in episode 12. Albert is just so adorkable with the grapes he brought her, and Eugenie remembering how he always gave her fruit instead of flowers growing up. It's tinged with bittersweetness, it isn't until after their engagement is broken that Albert discovers that he loves her. Then her father forces him out.
  • In episode 13, Haydee remembers how her father was killed and she and her mother were sold into slavery. Soon after, her mother dies - we aren't told how, but we can assume that it wasn't pretty, since before she dies she gives Haydee a knife to kill herself if her master dishonours her - and she's branded on her neck. When she meets her new buyer, she's angry and afraid, clutching her knife..and then her new master, who just so happens to be the Count, smiles, goes down on one knee, bows and kisses her hand, treating her like the princess she once was from that moment on.
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