Tear Jerker / Emilie Autumn

  • The story in the booklet to the Enchant re-release about a faerie who gets her wings ripped off by a man she loved.
  • The Anti-Bullying video: She cries, you cry, everyone cries.
  • The Asylum book has many tearjerker moments.
  • "Castle Down."
  • "What If." It's just so... gah.
  • "Ever."
  • "Save You."
  • "I Want My Innocence Back." The title alone can and does hurt.
    • The song can easily be seen as horrifying, as well.
  • "Gothic Lolita," for any survivor of sexual abuse but more importantly for Emilie herself. While she hasn't done it on stage, she does want to do it live in the future.
  • "Mad Girl."
  • Her cover of "Asleep" counts.
  • "God Help Me" Just... ouch.
  • "Liar," especially remixed (Angelspit and Metalocalypse) is flat out this, especially played right after one another.
  • Even the instrumentals sometimes count!
  • "The Art of Suicide."
  • The ending of "Take the Pill," from Fight Like a Girl. Most of the song is "standard" and often angry or scary, but right at the end it becomes just gentle, tinkling, quiet music. You realise that what's happened is she's taken the pill and been subdued, with all the effects the song had been talking about earlier.
  • "What Will I Remember" is kind of beautiful and tear jerking in its softness and insecurity.
  • "Fight Like a Girl" any track, either for its Lyrical Dissonance or for its true to life ability despite being an "story" and context. It's easier to list the ones which might not drive you tears.
  • One Foot in Front of the Other serves as a very Bittersweet Ending to FLAG. Now that the asylum inmates are free, how do they function in normal society? "One foot in front of the other foot in front of the one foot in front of the other foot..."
  • "Thank God I'm Pretty," to any woman who's ever been objectified or degraded solely because of her looks.
  • "Marry Me" is already pretty freaking depressing, but it's the last lines that always get me:
    But oh, what beautiful things I'll wear
    What beautiful dresses and hair
    I'm lucky to share his bed
    So why do I wish I was...?
  • Gaslight. Pretty much all of it, but especially:
    Below my window, I hear a horse go by
    and in the next cell, an inmate starts to cry.
    We try our best, though, the quiet down the fuss,
    we know tomorrow, it could be one of us!
    • And at the end, when she sings the lyric: "And no one's coming, coming to take me... Home...", she just sounds so broken.
  • The ending of the "Fight Like a Girl" music video, if you know how the book ends.