Nightmare Fuel / Emilie Autumn

  • Songs that deserve mention for their lyrics include "Gothic Lolita", "I Want My Innocence Back", and "I Know Where You Sleep", but pretty much everything on Opheliac is at least moderately creepy. And then there's that heartbeat-like sound that keeps showing up...
    • "Gothic Lolita" is simultaneously heartbreaking and incredibly disturbing, especially the ghostly chorus of "call off the search, we've found her."
  • "306" is this defined, from its purely hell sent instrumental to its immensely graphic lyrics and how she just stops singing and lets the music terrify you more. It's designed to horrify you and gets its message across very well.
    Now I'm freedom unbound
    Cut the laces of life
    The pistol, The poison, The noose
    Or the knife
    I have chosen my instrument
    And said no goodbyes.
    • First the lyrics, then the deathly strings, then the "pick your instrument" then she stops singing at all... and then you can't walk anywhere alone for five days afterwards.
  • "Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches." The cheery way she sings it, like she's playing patty-cake make it disturbing. Doubly so, when you realize that this is not too far off from the truth.
    • In the same vein, "Girls! Girls! Girls!" It sounds like a cheery Broadway showtune, but it's about a bunch of asylum girls (many of whom probably aren't even crazy) being used as an attraction... in more ways than one.
    For a little extra on the side, we can arrange for a slightly more intimate encounter... Wink, wink!
  • "Hollow Like My Soul." The music sounds like a fusion between Emilie's ethereal "Enchant" style, and her '40s-inspired "Jane Brooks" style. The lyrics... well:
    You think that you'll get by
    You will die
    You will cry
    When you think that you'll survive
    Just don't try
    Run and hide
    My eyes are hollow like my soul.
  • "Scavenger." The implications of the song include: Murder, necrophilia, pedophilia and cutting up a corpse for its organs to sell on the black market.
    Your loved ones may sit upon your stone to prevent me, but I will be waiting
    I will be waiting
  • "Liar," especially remixed (Angelspit and Metalocalypse) is flat out this.
  • "4 O'Clock" is about a (mental disorder-related) inability to sleep.
  • The screaming in the acoustic version of "Mad Girl," particularly the sudden scream of LIAR! that isn't in the electric one.
  • Emilie as the Rat Queen at the beginning of the show, for the tours from Fall 2008 onward.
  • "Organ Grinder." Gadzooks. Especially once you realize it's from the Saw III soundtrack... "I paid for your silence" indeed.
  • "In the Lake," especially when you read The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls, and find out that Emilie really did try to drown herself in the lake behind her boyfriend's house.
  • "Fight Like a Girl" any track, either for its Lyrical Dissonance or for its outrageous violent instrumental elements (And screams.)