Awesome / Emilie Autumn

  • When EA found out that she had a Wikipedia page, she checked it out and found that the information on it was completely wrong, so she changed it to make it more accurate. About five minutes later, it was changed back and the person who changed it back was ranting about how whoever changed it was a moron who obviously didn't know her at all... so EA, years later after realizing many reporters used Wikipedia as their only reference, got her fans to vandalize her Wikipedia page with the weirdest things they could imagine. And they did, just take a look.
    • Of course, this was before the allegations of EA's lying about everything, including her age and even her name...
  • Telling off a rude audience member who kept calling out for "more girl kisses!" See This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! on the main page.
  • During the 2010 Europe tour, she tweeted about taking her top off at a gig, which she later explained was a big "fuck you" to a mostly drugged-up crowd who expected it to be a strip show.
  • The Crumpets have their moments as well — see Moth's flag dance, and Maggots' fire hooping.