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Tear Jerker: Drake & Josh
  • "Josh is Done".
    • Drake's breakdown when his life falls apart without Josh leading to an embarrassing incident in the science room.
    Drake: I need you more than you need me! I need you WAY more than you need me! I'm sorry I made you late for your exam! I'm sorry I ran over your bike! I'm sorry I'm probably the worst brother in the world, and you're way better off without me! I just need you to understand... I'm sorry, Josh. I'm sorry.
  • Josh's reaction when he thinks Walter is cheating.
  • Drake and Josh's letter from the Christmas Special.
  • Wendy's broken heart after Drake yells at her in "#1 Fan."
  • Megan's broken heart when her boyfriend breaks up with her before her brothers reveal he was cheating on her.
  • Megan being ostracized by her classmates (even being un-invited to a birthday party) because of Josh being her class's student teacher.
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