YMMV / Drake & Josh

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Do Walter and Audrey show signs of being responsible parents by grounding Drake and Josh when they do something terrible? Or are they just stupid based on how they never see Megan for what she really is or care about what the boys get put through?
    • Is Drake's stupidity merely a mask so he can focus on his music? Or is he genuinely that stupid? Sometimes episodes provide cases for both.
  • Counterpart Comparison: The Odd Couple FOR KIDS!
  • Creator's Pet: Megan being a massive Jerkass who made her brothers miserable for no reason yet got away with everything and infuriated the fandom to the point they legitimately wanted her killed off. For some reason, Dan was completely unaware of this.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Crazy Steve was meant as a one time gag, with the seemingly stoned (and mulletted) Gavin being the recurring weird buddy. Jerry Trainor hit that role so well that he was kept on and was brought on to iCarly as a main character.
    • Mindy also appears to be a textbook example, as she returned some time after her initial appearance and took on a much larger recurring role dating Josh.
    • Trevor, Drake's dim-witted friend, who appeared in one early episode before becoming The Ghost for the rest of the series.
  • Fanfic Fuel: We never hear any word of Drake's biological father or Josh's biological mother. Who were they and how did Drake and Josh's respective parents wind up single?
  • Fountain of Memes: Let's not waste time. Half of the entire cast ever.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Jokes about Drake's vanity becomes this when you realize that Drake Bell was involved in a car accident during production of the series, and had to have cosmetic surgery as a result of it.
    • The Dune Buggy episode, where most of the humor comes from Drake injuring himself in a bad wreck, becomes this for the same reason.
      • As of 2016, he has gotten a DUI arrest. Ouch!
    • Seeing Drake wrestle with his girlfriend Lucy (Gabrielle Christian) can be a little unsettling when you take her other role into context.
    • In the football episode, Zeke's short-term memory loss as a result of a concussion is played for laughs. Watching it years later after the effects concussions have had on former NFL players have become common knowledge makes it not so funny.
    • In the episode "The Demonator," Josh's crazy WWII vet of a grandpa mistakes Craig and Eric for Germans and repeatedly attacks them. The gag becomes considerably less funny a few episodes later, when a one-off line by Drake informs us that Craig and Eric are Jewish.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Pretty much anytime we saw Drake playing the guitar became this after Drake Bell had sustained a wrist injury back in November 2014, being told by doctors the following January that he may have never been able to play the guitar again. Fortunately, the fact that he has been making a recovery has somewhat alleviated this since then.
    • Josh teaching Megan's class with those college textbooks, at the dismay of the students and along with an unanimously certain but obvious reaction from many viewers who watched that episode. But when you think about it, the kids had a promising advantage to obtain some early head-start, college-advanced knowledge, as some of them heading into college years later would've been dumbfounded there's more to the four core main subjects than they were taught K-12. And yes, they'll probably get that old "High school nor middle school never taught you this" saying.
    • The entire series after the drama following Josh Peck not inviting Drake Bell to his wedding.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Watching the early episodes, where the characters laugh at the mere thought that someone would find Josh attractive over Drake becomes very funny when you remember how Josh Peck looked when the series ended...
    Drake: They have eight now?
    • This bit:
    Josh: I hope you go bald!
    Drake: I hope they cancel Oprah!
  • Jerkass Woobie: Drake. While he might be neglectful, he's hated by his English teacher for no reason, his sister is terrible, and he's been through other crap as well.
  • Les Yay: Surprising amount of shipping for Megan/Mindy.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Gamesphere. "It's spherical."
    • This:
      Drake: Are you calling me a liar?
      Josh: Well I ain't callin' you a truther!
    • Here's a game: Go to Josh Peck's Facebook and you will see this almost every time:
    • "Don't tell me what to do."
    • Drake grabbing Josh's 'boob' from the Pilot.
    • Pictures of Megan's smirk.
    • Just any line from Josh in general, to the point of Drinking Game levels.
    • Drake's "I love this album more than I love myself" statement about Abbey Road has gained cult status as of late, with people Photoshopping in different albums.
  • Second Verse Curse: The theme I Found A Way has a full version. The one in the opening credits is only the minute-long version.
  • The Scrappy: Megan is hated by many. She's a villain in a show without any heroes, so all her schemes target her two brothers, Drake and Josh. Megan never gets caught, never gets punished, and there are quite a few examples of her benefiting from her schemes, just plain coming out on top in an episode she's barely in. The writers tried to balance this out by giving Drake and Josh a few Kick the Dog moments towards her, making her schemes more Disproportionate Retribution than anything, but by then Drake and Josh's pranks were seen as justified revenge for everything she had done to them so far. It doesn't help as well that Megan basically was the instigator for later characters that have the same behavior as Megan in Dan's shows after this one.
    • After Flanderization Drake becomes a Scrappy. He becomes a near sociopath while his intelligence drops to the point where you question how he can even get dressed in the morning.
    • Walter and Audrey are pretty well hated due to their obliviousness to Megan's Obviously Evil actions, ignoring Drake and Josh's side of the story whenever something screws up, and punishing them over and over again while they reward Megan over and over again.
    • Thornton from "Battle Of Panthatar" for uninviting Drake from his 16th birthday party for kissing his girlfriend when he didn't even know she was his girlfriend, uninviting Josh for absolutely no reason at all, AND still refusing to let them into the party when they present him with a great present (Drake's beloved Abbey Road album). Then again, he may have been intended to be a Hate Sink.
      • Earlier in the episode, he mentions that "If he invited Drake, he had to invite Josh as well'', implying that if he hadn't invited Drake, he wouldn't have invited Josh in the first place. However, that doesn't excuse him uninviting Josh, as the latter's responsible nature (and inability to tell a lie) would likely have prevented him from bringing Drake along with him if Thornton had simply asked Josh not to.
  • What an Idiot: Several instances:
    • Everyone who confuses Josh for "the theater thug." Played for Laughs, since even Josh himself seems confused by how so many people keep mistaking him for the real guy. What's more, "FBI's Most Wanted" specifically said if you see the theater thug, "do not confront him, as he is known to be extremely violent." Whenever people think Josh is the thug, they run over and beat him up.
      • Somewhat justified with the police at the end of the episode, since he holds down the thug in a semi-violent manner.
      • This leads to Fridge Horror once you think of the aftermath if the townspeople found the real theater thug and went to beat him up...
    • In the episode My Dinner With Bobo, Dr. Favisham has locked the boys in his closet to keep them from saving Bobo. He asks to see their cellphones to prove that it has Bluetooth.
      • You'd Expect: That Josh would see through this, keep his phone away and try to get him and Drake out of there while Favisham was distracted.
      • Instead: When Favisham opens the door, he holds his phone out, and Favisham takes it then proceeds to lock the door again. Seriously, you can immediately tell that things are going to go bad right when he opens the door. Drake even lampshades this by saying, "Yeah, nice going, BLUETOOTH!"
    • Also, in Alien Invasion, the titular characters had enough of Megan's pranks on them that they decided to get even with her by making her believe that there are aliens.
      • You'd expect: One of them should keep a close eye on her just in case she tries to get them back for this.
      • Instead: They just prank her with all they got. Megan gets back at them by hiring someone to dress up as an alien.
    • In "Peruvian Puff Pepper," the titular duo and Megan are taking part in a Salsa contest; it soon turns out that Megan is allegedly using a Peruvian Puff Pepper for the contest.
      • You'd expect: In the case that Megan might be using it for a bigger plan, and especially after they research it on the Internet and find out that the Peruvian Puff Pepper is only available in "South Am-ar-eek-a," that Drake and Josh would throw it away or sell it to somebody else taking part in the contest.
      • Instead: They decide to use it in their Salsa, and when it's revealed that the Peruvian Puff Pepper causes kidney failure and chapped lips, they are disqualified. Thus, Megan wins once more.
      • Also from the same episode: Drake and Josh finally have proof that Megan has been either hoarding or stealing money from her parents to make her room extravagant with hidden computers and terminals and flat screens.
      • You'd Expect: Them to take a picture or three of the room so they have proof.
      • Instead: They tell their parents immediately and Megan switches the room to make them look like liars ruining her room.
    • Also, in the movie "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood," Drake and Josh are kidnapped and held in a private room. Josh pulls out his phone.
      • You'd Expect: For Josh to keep quiet, wait, and then use his phone to call the police to save himself and Drake.
      • Instead: He doesn't hide his phone, and one of the bad guys walk into the room that Drake and Josh are in, takes his phone, and walks out. Way to go there, Josh.
  • The Woobie: Josh. Drake takes advantage of him, Megan abuses him for her own amusement, and he generally has bad luck. Later seasons did not help at all.
    • Walter. Despite being a Scrappy himself, you can't help but feel sorry for everything that happens to him: Megan constantly disrespects him, his own son and step-son treat him as inferior, and the world seems to just hate him. The only one that seems to like him is Audrey, but even she treats him like crap at times. He's constantly compared to Bruce Winchell, who's considered a better weatherman than he is (and is made fun of repeatedly by Megan and Drake and Josh because of his attempts to be better than Bruce) and even Audrey shows more interest at Bruce as well. It doesn't also help that Dan has later on started including other characters that serve no purpose other than to be laughed at for existing.