Ho Yay: Drake & Josh

  • Drake and Josh, Craig and Eric
    • Josh even kisses Drake in more than one episode.
      • Well, they are siblings. It's not that odd.
      • ...If it's not on the lips, it's not.
      • It doesn't help that they're Not Blood Siblings.
  • Despite all their heterosexual activity, you might as well call Drake and Josh the show's Official Couple, and Craig and Eric are heavily implied to be in a relationship (to the point where they go on a double date with another couple)
    • Except the "other couple" was a pair of identical twin sisters.
  • This pretty much covers it.
    • Even they missed a few, like when Drake "proposes" to Josh in Pool Shark. There's also the way Drake likes to use his seduction voice whenever he's trying to get Josh to do something.
    Drake: (to Josh) 'Cause she's purdy. * leans closer* You're purdy too...
    Josh: (after a nightmare in which Drake's head blows up) Oh, Drake, your head is fine.
    Drake: You have pretty eyes.
  • "The Drew and Jerry Show": the entire episode
  • In one episode, Eric gets popular after beating up Drake and once he does he stops spending time with Craig. Naturally, Craig acts more like a heartbroken girlfriend that's jealous.
  • Josh really likes hugging Drake. To the point that his Catch Phrase is "HUG ME BROTHA!"