Small Reference Pools / Web Original


  • Even good ol' TV Tropes can fall foul of this sometimes where examples may be weighted towards a certain media even if the trope itself is common elsewhere.
  • The Other Wiki has an issue with being too ethnocentrically "Western" which it terms "systemic bias".

Notable Played With examples from the web:

  • Parodied by The Onion, with Four Or Five Guys Pretty Much Carry Whole Renaissance.
  • Cracked will often bring up extremely obscure movies, TV programs, comic books, and other examples of pop culture if they are outlandish enough.
  • Ultra Fast Pony: In an episode loaded with David Bowie references, Rarity refuses to allow her captors to make the most obvious one: "Who are you? And don't say Ziggy Stardust, or I'll be pissed."
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, "Critical Examinations of Art" (episode 5):
    • Subverted. Jane teaches Adele about modern art styles and important painters, and Adele made pictures in these styles with crayons. At first they are pretty standard like Picasso's cubism, abstract art, Gustav Klimt, or Vincent van Gogh, but she also painted her dog in pointillism, and her last picture looks like it was inspired by the painting The Son of Man by surrealist Renť Magritte. It's a man whose face is obscured by an apple. Though in-universe, it's not sure Adele knows about that painting because it's presented as a picture of her father, which is rather disturbing.
    • Adele mentioned Tripolitan War to Jane and based her two abstract paintings on the events. Jane admit she now knows significantly more about it.
  • Let's Read With Nella! begins her review of Tiger's Curse by discussing (or rather, ranting) about this:
    "The book opens with [William Blake's "The Tyger"] because of course it does. Itís the rules. If your book prominently features a tiger, this poem must begin the book. There is no other poem about tigers in the history of anything. This is the only one. The alpha and the omega of tiger-inspired verse. Itís the price of admission. Dare to think it overused and ignore it, and be ignored in turn. I have no mouth, and I must tiger."